Rising Cities – Simulation Game for Urban Developers

Build your own city and be a mayor to many citizens. Develop the best strategy to make your city grow and rake in the money for your city treasury.

The browser game Rising Cities requires strategic planning and decision-making. Show that you have what it takes to be mayor and master all the challenges that come with developing a city. It's your job to transform a country field into a booming metropolis and to take care of your city and manage it. As a building sim, Rising Cities incorporates all the elements of a modern strategy game: Think ahead and plan for the long term!

Manage your city and look after your citizens. Build homes for your inhabitants, collect rent money, raise taxes and keep your citizens provided with goods and wares. Beautify your city for your citizens and find out what they need. A good mayor makes sure the public is happy by providing them with enough supplies, green spaces and recreational attractions.

Industry drives the economy.
Raw materials are required for every building project. Pick out the best spots to build industry, but keep in mind, nobody likes living next to a coal-fired power plant. Strike a happy balance between residential areas, green spaces, industrial districts and trading zones.

Trade economically and decide which investments are best for your city. Make sure you have a well-structured infrastructure. Trade your manufactured goods or buy unavailable goods on the marketplace. Be clever and use smart tactics. Manage your resources efficiently and make the right decisions to amass wealth. Rising Cities is an economic simulation for clever minds as well as for aspiring strategists.

You can also play Rising Cities with your friends as a multiplayer game. Who has the best city, the happiest citizens, the most supplies and resources? Seek trade relations with other mayors and help your city prosper and make fortunes. You are the mayor and you alone decide what is best for your city!

Just like all other brower games from Bigpoint, Rising Cities is free to play. Simply create your account and before you know it, you'll be playing. Become an international super mayor!